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Welcome to California Boat Lift Sales headquartered on the Sacramento Delta. With our low overhead and knowledgeable staff we are able to offer quality marine products at very low prices. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information to help you make an intelligent boat lift, Personal Watercraft (PWC) lift, service lift, floating boat docks, gangway, or ramp purchase.

Shipping: Our shipping rates are much less than you might expect. For example, we'll ship any of our large products such as docks or lifts to Phoenix, AZ for only $216!

This page describes common boat lift problems along with the features and benefits of using a well designed boat lift. Boat lift prices and installation costs are listed near the bottom of the page.

The Used Items page is a listing of used boat lifts (Bottoms Up Boat Lifts, Polylift, Econolift, Galva-Lift, SunStream, Hydrohoist, Drydocker, Boatfloater, Jet Ski lifts, etc) along with used floating boat docks, boat canopies, and boats, etc. We like to help our customers sell their used items after upgrading.

If you invest a little time into reading and using this resource we are confident you'll do a much better job of selecting the boat lift, or boat dock that is right for you!

Your Predicament...

You can always spot the boats that are not kept on boat lifts. Their boat hull is stained and you will often notice a substantial growth of algae, moss, and muck. You have also probably heard how time consuming and expensive it is to haul out your boat every year or so to have it cleaned or repainted.

Many owners of expensive boats continue to ignore the damaging effects of leaving their boats in the water. As their boat sits in the water, small electrical currents are generated. This can come from different metals on their boat and from neighboring boats and docks. This galvanic action is called electrolysis, and causes pitting and blisters to the boat's underwater metal parts, such as the outdrive, prop, and rudder. A boat lift can eliminate this type of corrosion.

Boat lifts can also protect your boat from storm waves and wake. It is better to keep your boat up on a good boat lift, than to leave it to bang and rub against a dock.

Your Options...

You can let your boat sit in the water, or you can buy a boat lift. The problem is almost all boat lifts on the market today are expensive and have design flaws or drawbacks.

As you probably know a number of boat lifts use fiberglass air tanks. Companies can produce fiberglass tanks quicker and cheaper, but fiberglass is susceptible to UV rays from the sun. Over time the fiberglass air tanks will thin and soften, often requiring replacement or patches.

Some people still use older technology boat lifts. You very well may know someone with an older used boat lift. Unfortunately, many boat lift operators struggle with their lifts in an attempt to keep it level. Even some of the more expensive boat lifts tilt and lean at extreme angles while raising or lowering boats. And have you noticed how badly a dock can warp and strain while using these lifts?

If only there was a well designed, durable, affordable, easy to use boat lift system...

Your Solution...

Boat Floater Industries Boat Lifts

Discover For Yourself the Best Quality in Boat Lifts!

Announcing a time proven design in boat lifting systems! California Boat Lift Sales is excited to now offer the Boat Floater Boat Lifts. The very best in air actuated boat lift systems. See for yourself the many features this lift has to offer!

Your New Boat Lift's Features...

The Boat Floater Boat Lifts will stay level while raising and lowering your boat. The geometry of the lift's structure will not allow the lift to tilt. No need to worry about your boat slipping off the lift!

Boat Floater Boat Lifts incorporate all galvanized components to prevent corrosion!

Boat Floater Boat Lifts are fully adjustable to almost any type of boat including: step hull boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, power boats, jet boats, wooden boats, ski boats, bass boats, runabout boats, baja boats, cat hulls, and deck boats.

Control Units are deck mounted and equipped with heavy duty blower motor, control valves, standard three conductor plug, and ground fault circuit interrupter. All control units operate on 120 V/120 amp home current.

Lab Tested Control Units
Our Control Units are thoroughly "Lab" tested!

Boat Floater Boat Lifts is so confident in their outstanding design and workmanship that they back it up with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the polyethylene tanks!

Your Benefits...

* Boat Floater Boat Lifts will keep your boat's outdrive, running gear, and hull bottom clean and free from electrolysis and corrosion. Your boat will continue to handle and perform like new!

* Boat Floater Boat Lifts will limit depreciation and help maintain your boat's resale value!

* Boat Floater Boat Lifts are engineered to be strong and corrosion resistant!

* Boat Floater Boat Lifts are easy to operate, and will raise and lower your boat in a level and safe manner!

* Boat Floater Boat Lifts are the most stable, durable, well designed, affordable, easy to use boat lifts available!

The Facts...

The fact is, you won't find a finer or more affordable air actuated boat lift anywhere! The Boat Floater Boat Lifts has been proven since 1974 California Boat Lift Sales is proud to be an authorized dealer.

Boat Floater Boat Lifts are available in a number of different sizes to fit your needs. We have lifts with capacities ranging from 4,000 to 30,000 pounds. Even larger lifts can be custom ordered.

Now Boat Floater Boat Lifts are available locally in the Discovery Bay area. Delivery is FREE to any marina within 50 miles!

Your Opportunity...

Now you can take advantage of California Boat Lift Sales special offer! With these Low Discount Prices, is there a good reason not to make an investment to protect your valuable boat today?

* Boat Floater Boat Lifts Special Discount Prices *

Lift Model Number Rated Lift Capacity Prices/Install
PWC/Connect-A-Port 2XL 1,700 lbs $1,775
FF 4000 Shallow Water (Photo) 4,000 lbs $6,050/$400
FF 4500 (Photo) 4,000 lbs $5,250/$400
FF 6000 Shallow Water (Photo) 6,000 lbs $7,050/$400
FF 6600 (Photo) 6,600 lbs $6,850/$400
FF 8000 Shallow Water (Photo) 8,000 lbs $8,450/$400
FF 8600 (Photo) 8,600 lbs $8,650/$400
FF 9800 9,800 lbs $9,450/$400
FF 11000 11,000 lbs $10,250/$600
Call for Pricing on Larger Lifts.

Click Here for detailed Galva-Lift Specifications.

Click Here for additional information on Galva-Lift Boat Lifts.

* Air-Port Boat Lifts Also Available! *

Lift Model Number Capacity Boats Up To Prices/Install
1500 (Photo) 1,500 lbs 13' $1,750/$150
2S (Front Mount) 4,200 lbs 20' $4,250/$350
2S (Photo) 4,200 lbs 20' $4,250/$350
4S 8,500 lbs 32' $6,950/$500
4L (Photo) 11,000 lbs 32' $7,450/$500
5S (Photo) 10,8500 lbs 38' $8,750/$500
5L (Photo) 13,000 lbs 38' $9,850/$500
6L 15,500 lbs 38' $12,250/$500
7L (Photo) 17,500 lbs 42' $15,950/$500

Replacement Boat Lift Motor Blower Only $119

Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Installation available on all products

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California Boat Lift Sales can also help you sell your used boat lift or dock.
See the listings of used stuff on the Used Items page.
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